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Cancer statistics in Iran: Towards finding priority for prevention and treatment


Cancer is the third leading cause of death in Iran following coronary heart disease and accidents. According to the estimate report from GLOBOCAN 2012, the age-standardized incidence rate (ASR) of cancers was 134 and 120 per 100,000 among males and females, respectively. The estimated mortality rate for cancer was 90.4 and 72.2 per 100,000 for males and females, respectively that shows an increase of 25.4 and 31.1 percent compared to the latest report from National Death Registry (NDR) in 2004. The most common cancer among men and women was stomach cancer (20.6%) and breast cancer (28.1%), respectively and the most common childhood cancer was leukemia.

Up-to-date and accurate cancer registry data could be one of the major determinants to control, classify, diagnose and even in the treatment of cancer cases. However, since 2009 no up-to-date formal reports from the National Cancer Registry (NCR) of Iran have been announced.

Information from the cancer registries regarding different regions of Iran have been published in different articles. In this article, we collected all available data through literature review and further, visualize them in a way that could be more understandable. Additionally, we have provided the expected numbers of new cancer cases and deaths in 2008 and 2012 in Iran based on GLOBOCAN. Our survey revealed that there is an urgent need for a comprehensive cancer statistics registration to guide cancer policy-makers and researchers to make informed decisions that will improve health care.  

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Amirkhah, R., Naderi-Meshkin, H., Mirahmadi, M., Allahyari, A., & Sharifi, H. R. (2017). Cancer statistics in Iran: Towards finding priority for prevention and treatment. The Cancer Press Journal, 3(2), 27–38.