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Arts and designs are imprinted impressions creating happiness and charm in personality and are required to create social harmony for a better and developed society. Designs are artistic expressions explaining hundreds of hidden or untold stories creating several questions and quests for their answers leading to solutions of significant humanity issues. Health issues are among the major challenges faced by humanity and cancer accounts among top cause of human mortality of about 10 million deaths per year. Several therapeutic including pharmaceutical and radiological approaches are being implemented but cancer mortality is on rise asking for another view on this issue. Considering the rise of death, the invasion of cost-effective interdisciplinary approaches has been proposed and there are very few evidences of involvement of arts and designs in cancer management which is most cost-effective strategy to stimulate the immunity system leading towards the inner-treatment of cancer patients. Last decade has witnessed the hundreds of psychological approaches applied and emergence of psycho-oncology as most effective therapeutic approach. Integration of arts designs with psychological approaches may help the patients to create the hope for life and call for treatment stimulating the inner-immunity system to fight against cancer cells in body. Challenges to convince the health professionals and authorities to adopt the arts based therapeutic discipline may prolong the positive conclusion but going smooth will all of it may put a full stop on the rising mortality of human beings.

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Jahani, M. (2021). Art as a Hope of Life: Role of Art Therapy in Cancer Management. The Cancer Press Journal, 7(1), 4–6.




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