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Cancer Press (ISSN: 2476-3748), a Canadian scholarly journal of multidisciplinary cancer science has started publication with its first issue online in October 2015 by iMAQPRESS under the chief editorship of Dr. Majid Ebrahim-Warkiani, a famous multidisciplinary cancer scientist and founder of Warkiani Lab at the University of Sydney Technology Australia for first three years. Cancer Press has published 52 peer reviewed articles in its 6 volumes and 12 issues since its first issue and has published and has received total 53 citations on its all peer-reviewed articles which are distributed in all indexing databases such as Emerging Science Citation Index has 17, Scopus 19, PubMed 19, CrossRef 37 and Google Scholar 53 for Cancer Press Journal.

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Irfan-Maqsood, M. (2021). First Five Years of Publishing the Multidisciplinary Cancer Science at Cancer Press Journal. The Cancer Press Journal, 7(1), 1–3.




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